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"I was at a point in my life where I had absolutely no control on my PCOS (type of hormonal imbalance) and met with multiple doctors who just recommended me to take the pill again and do a second round of Accutane (very powerful and unhealthy medication for acne treatment). Then, entered Tamika and her knowledge and love for living a healthy, balanced hormone life. No toxic medication, no pill, but a full comprehension of your body, how it functions, what it needs, what to implement, what to stop… Thank you for everything."

PCOS Repair Cysterhood
"I must admit I was sceptical about how much this course would help me, but could not recommend it enough! I have been dealing with so many symptoms and PCOS for years now like adult acne, terrible period pain and stomach issues to name a few, assuming it was something you just have to put up with as a woman. This course is packed with information that really gives you that 'aha' moment and a support group of other women who can relate to your journey. 8 weeks down the track I have definitely noticed some changes in especially my digestion, energy and skin outbreaks - having dealt with so many symptoms for years, I am a long way off from being 100% on top of them all, but believe I have the information at hand now to implement and continue this hormone journey. You won't regret joining this course!"

PCOS Repair Cysterhood
"I was fed up with my awful confidence crushing acne - before this course I thought I was so healthy and eating quiet clean drinking loads of water, WELL wasn't I shocked when I realised I needed to change some habits and learn why and how it can change our bodies, cycle, skin, moods, pain! My god!! I have come away from this course so much more knowledgeable (and with clear skin YAY) and understanding my body! I can not recommended Tam and her program enough the support we get from the start to the finish and also the other ladies in the course is very warming and SO helpful. The information we learn here is so powerful the womans body is incredible, one last thing, Tam can relate to us and is a real genuine caring person that strives to help us, she is not someone that just takes your money and runs.. WELL WORTH IT IF YOUR THINKING OF JOINING!!"

PCOS Repair Cysterhood
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"Started this program about 6-8 months ago (I should’ve written it down ). I have PCOS, and I’ve tried many things. I honestly wasn’t sure if this would work or not. I’ve always been pretty healthy, and eaten well balanced meals (thanks to my nurse mom who taught me about neutrition at an early age) but as I implemented the things I learned here, I quickly began noticing changes in my mind and body. My mood became more even throughout the month, my energy levels began returning to pre college levels(!), I lost some weight and just all around began feeling better! Then I fell pregnant super easily after only 2 months of “trying”! I say “trying”because my husband and I weren’t REALLY trying, we just decided to stop using protection, and see what happened. We’re super excited, and I just had to tell y’all! It’s all thanks to this program and all the research and hard work Tam and her team put in! I love how easy it is to follow! I am 14 weeks today! I’m sharing this with those who have been trying to get pregnant and those who have not started yet, not to say look at me and make you feel worse, but to say, look at what your body is capable of! Look at how the hard work can heal your body! I hope to encourage others in their PCOS journey! Some may take longer or shorter than mine, but that’s okay. It is possible! Girls, you got this! "

PCOS Repair Cysterhood

"This is such a good and achievable program. You can do it without buying a whole bunch of expensive products. Just with good clean food. It has changed my lifestyle for the best and given me much better health. "

PCOS Repair Cysterhood

"I was hesitant about this program at first. With having dealt with many programs, many diets, my pills and to top it off with all my body was dealing with, I said to myself let me give it one more shot. This program actually it on how my inner self was feeling not just my pains but my worries my thoughts & that something no other program has dealt with. My PCOS symptoms was not just my body it’s my mental state! Thank you Tam for helping me recognize the bits in between & the samples of information to making me feel in a better state of mind & well being."

PCOS Repair Cysterhood

"So glad I came across Tam on instagram.This course really helped me in so many ways. I did the most basic package as I am quite familiar with nutrition and already knew some of the information in the modules, however Tam explained them in a really easy to understand way and gave great tips to include each week that werent too overwhelming! I am happy to say that post pill - I have got my cycle from 50-55 days to 34 days, and my pimples are starting to settle down. Thanks Tam!"

PCOS Repair Cysterhood